Deadline for ONLINE REGISTRATION is October 2, 2015, at 12p.m. noon. Registration at the event is always an option.

Please note, the electronic on-line registration fees include the processing fees.

An individual registering on-line is $15 plus $2 processing fee.

All offline registration, sponsorship, and donation checks may be made out to: Battered Women's Shelter.

Offline checks may be sent to:

Battered Women's Shelter
Attn: Mike
120 W. Washington St.
Suite 3E1
Medina Oh.   44256


  1. Select Individual Participant, Start a Team or Join a Team:
  2. Fill out the web form. Please note that some information is required:
  3. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions:
  4. Click Submit:
The site will direct you from there. It is very user friendly. You will have access to your page that people can find byt he link that you share with them to help you meet your personal goal that you want to raise and there is another link you can share that will help people find your team so they too can donate or even join and walk with you. Remember, the more the more the merrier, and cheaper.  

If you need technical help click the Help Page link in the upper corner Fundraiser Dashboard or email MikeR@scmcbws.org for assistance.